Allergy Elimination
Treatment (AET)

Using proven techniques to isolate sensitivities and allergic reactions, this approach relieves suffering, and in most cases elminates allergies all together.

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clinical Nutrition

Understanding the nature of essential micro-nutrional health is a key to increased energy, feeling good, and a more fulfillingl life.

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Chiropractic care is essential for maintaining energy in the body.. Using proven and time tested techniques your health can be improved and maintained.

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wellness & Weight Loss

Assisting you in your effort to maintain optimal health. We offer classes which will help you live your best. Click the link below to see the schedule.

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With over 15 years of experience in Allergy Elimination and 48 years of Clinical Nutrition.

Every patient that presents in my office demonstrates three interference factors affecting their health and contributing to their complaint(s).

First, as an Allergy Elimination office, patients come because they hear about the wonderful results we get eliminating allergies and sensitivities. Allergies and sensitivities are caused by Leaky Gut Syndrome and interfere with our ability to adequately utilize essential nutrients, interfere with optimum immune function, compromise and interfere with our stress response mechanisms, and interfere with normal behavior by gut involvement with mild Attention Deficit Disorder to severe Schizophrenias.

Second, because of the chemical/pharmaceutical manipulation of the food supply, exclusive to this country, sub-clinical to clinical essential nutritional deficiency is in evidence in virtually every patient. Genetically modified and nutrient poor manufactured foods interfere with our need for an adequate amount of genuine replacement parts on an ongoing basis. Without genuine replacement parts in adequate amounts we are beginning to see a downward trend in life expectancy, and there is no question that our quality of life in our later years has been falling for decades. Nutritional supplementation, therefore, is critical to assure adequate genuine replacement parts.

Third, due to the damage to our air quality and water purity, not to mention environmental poisons off-gassing from new carpeting, man-made paneling, insecticides, etc., a toxic body burden is universal, and a toxic body burden interferes with health. We know that even newborn babies contain hundreds of toxic chemicals that were not present in the past. This necessitates a Detoxification protocol if optimum health is to be achieved.

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Allergy Elimination

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